About Us

The idea for Chalk Lines came about after years of being frustrated as a softball parent. Not with the sport itself, but the lack of attention and respect that the sport and more importantly, the athlete themselves were not getting . You could often see, and still see it today, the frustration that parents and athletes have because their sport is not the priority.  Our goal was to finally create a place where softball wasn’t second priority, it was the only priority. A place where we could bring together the area’s most talented instructors in one location, thus making it easier for parents and athletes to find training and provide instructors with a professional environment to teach. A place where instruction can be given that’s not at the mercy of the weather. Providing a comfortable viewing area for parents to watch their athletes train, and all the necessary tools for athletes to receive the highest level of training.

Chalk Lines will be a home where all athletes who love the sport can come and train. If you play fast pitch, slow pitch, intramural or men’s leagues, church or industrial ball, Chalk Lines is your facility. We will always do our best to promote the sport and support those who play it. It is our goal to help bring softball to the center stage where it belongs, develop those athletes who love the game, and to help fulfill their dreams of playing at the next level.